associate artist Mandy Rathbone :: Lunar Eclipse 2015

lunar eclipse

Associate artist Mandy Ratbone was up and about very early again (3am), this time to record the ‘super moon’ lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes within Earth’s umbra (shadow). As the eclipse begins, Earth’s shadow first darkens the Moon slightly. Then, the shadow begins to “cover” part of the Moon, turning it a dark red-brown color (typically – the color can vary based on atmospheric conditions). The Moon appears to be reddish because of Rayleigh scattering (the same effect that causes sunsets to appear reddish) and the refraction of that light by Earth’s atmosphere into its umbra.[3]

The following simulation shows the approximate appearance of the Moon passing through Earth’s shadow. The Moon’s brightness is exaggerated within the umbral shadow. The northern portion of the Moon was closest to the center of the shadow, making it darkest, and most red in appearance.

Animation September 28 2015 lunar eclipse appearance.gif


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associate artist Nigel Slight :: ‘run rabbit’

run rabbit

bideodromo2015Associate artist Nigel Slight’s video ‘run rabbit’ has been selected for screening at the Bideodromo Festival 2015.

The screenings will take place in BilbaoArte Art Production Center, the Sarean Cultural Center and the French Institute of Bilbao, 11th – 28th September.

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associate artist Eva Fahle-Clouts :: ‘transient’


Associate artiMicrosoft Word - Transient 1 names .docxst Eva Fahle-Clouts work in ‘transient’ devon ART storm’s autumn exhibition.

Centre for the Creative Industries, Victoria Yard, Exeter.

Exhibition open 10am – 6pm [mon-fri]
22nd September – 8th October.

Supported by Exeter College.

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August Sunrise by Mandy Rathbone

Once a month during 2015 I am visiting Kingston Russell Stone Circle near Abbotsbury, Dorset to capture the sights and sounds of sunrise. This short film documents my August visit.

Many thanks to Jemima and Clare for their input and company on this delightful morning.

For more information see my blog

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associate artist Gabrielle Fry :: Sounds in Nature Workshops


Ringstead Bay:
Building a beach shelter (1:57min.)
Children from Dorset Beach School building a shelter on the beach at Ringstead Bay to protect themselves from a windy summer’s day.

Ringstead Bay:
Sounds of the shore (1:24min.)
Children from Dorset Beach School recording and talking about the sounds of the waves landing on the shore at Ringstead Bay.

Ringstead Bay:
Seaweed stories (1:60min.)
Children from Dorset Beach School share their seaweed stories with the rest of the group after finding various types of seaweed on the beach, using magnifying pots and books for research. All the children are sat in the shelter they have built to learn about their findings.

Ringstead Bay:
S’mores by the fire (1:37min.)
Children at Dorset Beach School learn how to be careful around a fire pit and how to cook marshmallows over a fire at the beach. The marshmallows are then squished in between two biscuits like a S’more, a traditional evening campfire treat!

Thorncombe Woods:
Storytelling around the fire (2:11min.)
Children from Dorset Forest School tell stories around a fire in the woods, based on the clay animals they have made. Other children cook marshmallows.

Thorncombe Woods:
Crunchy footsteps (1:09min.)
Children from Dorset Forest School walk through the woods pretending they are animals and record their footsteps on the leaves and twigs along the path.

Thorncombe Woods:
Fence Percussion (1:26min.)
Children from Dorset Forest School create ‘fence percussion’ and record the sounds of tapping and scraping a wooden fence with long sticks.

Dorset Beach School is part of Dorset Forest School.

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coast to coast :: Bristol to Japan [Hana No Kage Shadow of a Flower]

HANA NO KAGE is a ‘two part’ Zen-poetic travelogue describing my travels in Japan in the autumn of 2005 in the footsteps of 17th century Haiku Master Matsuo Basho.

Part 1 :: Send-Back-The Dog Turn-Back-The-Horse

Part 2 :: A Pilgrim on The Dewa Sanzan – The Three Holy Peaks of Dewa Province [bonus item]

Ralph Hoyte

Price £6 for download bonus items:
Part 2 :: A Pilgrim on The Dewa Sanzan – The Three Holy Peaks of Dewa Province
[6 part audio track with a running time of 44.29].
HANA NO KAGE pdf booklet [extract with introduction by Mike Eido Luetchford].
PLUS 15 page full colour pdf liner note booklet.

blog ::
illustrated book available from amazon ::

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material sounds [H2o] pt1,2,3&4 :: on DIVAcontemporary radio


As part of sonic coast :: sound week, associate artists ivon oates and David Rogers produced four new audio works. All four works are mixed from recordings made during ‘material sounds [H2o]’ an exploration of sound on Eype Beach and in the studio. Listen and download.

under an upturned boatunder an upturned boat [03.28]
by ivon oates

red&blackred&black [06.26]
by ivon oates

eype12glass water by David Rogers [04.14]

eype6 streaming towards the sea [07.31]
by David Rogers

Link to sonic coast :: sound week

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World Listening Day [H2o] :: sounds on DIVAcontemporary radio


Listen and download sounds from the sonic coast :: sound week World Listening Day 2015 sound walk, by Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers.

link to Spreaker radio:

link to sonic coast :: sound week

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The Observatory at Lymington Keyhaven Nature Reserve

lymington visitors1

The Observatory has now moved from Winchester Science Park to Lymington Keyhaven Nature Reserve. The first artist in residence will be Katie Surridge.

FREE Sand Painting Workshop with Katie Surridge
7 August 2015, Drop-in between 10am-3pm @ St Barbe Museum, Lymington. Create pictures using the 21 coloured sands from the Alum Bay and contribute to a collaborative artwork with Observatory artist in residence, Katie Surridge. This workshop is aimed at children and families.

spudlogo The Observatory logos Residencies in Lymington supported locally by: lymington local support
photo by Mandy Rathbone.

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regularJOE :: open studio


projections in the main studio space and soundscapes in the office/café space.

Saturday 11th July 11am – 4pm at DIVAcontemporary studio
screening a selection of audio video works and web based projects

Sunday 12th July 1pm
fish & chip lunch – meet at ‘Joe’s bench’
opposite Bennett’s on the Waterfront, 14 Trinity Rd. Weymouth Harbour, DT4 8TJ

more ::

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