Sound Proof 5

S o u n d  P r o o f  5

Marcus Leadley | Jonathan Munro | We Sell Boxes We Buy Gold
Dates: 21 July to 11 August 2012
Poetry Performance: Saturday 21 July 2012 | 5-7pm
Open | Thursday to Saturday | 12-5pm
CARTER presents
59 Old Bethnal Green Road | London | E2 6QA

A walk of the future Stratford site of the 2012 Olympics in 2007 led to a five year project that concludes this year with Sound Proof 5. At the same time that the Sound Proof series of exhibitions was taking shape, We Sell Boxes We Buy Gold – a project initiated by Lucia Farinati, Richard Crow, Alberto Duman, Jude Rosen, and Louise Garrett – was examining the social, physical and psychological implications of the Olympic project in the areas within and surrounding the designated area. A series of artist walks culminated in an archive of interviews, recordings, and photographs produced by the collective at that time that will be exhibited for the first time at Carter Presents Gallery in July to coincide with the opening of the Games.

Looking beyond the immediate area of the host city, Jonathan Munro will feature responses to the international event from children living in the city of Hull – a location in the north of England not touched by Olympic gold dust but seriously affected by the economic turmoil of recent years. What are their views of the future within the complicated backdrop of their immediate surroundings and their nation’s wider ambitions for London 2012?

In the work of Marcus Leadley, the idea of within and without is iterated through the focus of sound art. His breaking apart of inside/outside acoustic aspects of diverse environments fractures the everyday experience into its constituent parts. The result is a disorienting interplay between what is seen and what is heard to arrive at a clearer understanding of sound’s pervasive relationship to a complex network of personal experiences and associations that colours our experience of place.

Marcus Leadley is a co-director of DIVAcontemporary

About divacontemporary

artist-led creative organisation
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