South Dorset Ridgeway Consultation

Joe Stevens working with DIVAcontemporary and fellow Weymouth artist, Sally Watkins, on an Audience Development project about South Dorset Ridgeway. They will be conducting interviews with the general public  on location at Morrisons  in Weymouth and the Co-Op at Littlemoor.

To help kick start the consultation you can help by completing this very simple poll on how you use the Ridgeway – it’ll take you all of 30sec;

The Ridgeway is something I

a – Travel over;
b – Travel along;
c – Look at from a distance

The poll is at:
It will help gauge how people see The South Dorset Ridgeway, is it just something you travel over, or a place where you go to enjoy yourselves.

South Dorset Ridgeway
The South Dorset Ridgeway is an outstanding space. It comprises the ridge of high land running parallel with the coast, between Weymouth and Dorchester and has been an important place for people since the Neolithic (4,000 – 2,000 BC).

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