Storyweir by Proboscis

Proboscis [A. Angus, G. Lane, G. Stewart and S. Kueppers]
LabCulture + Bridport Arts Centre Co-commission for ExLab
Working with Dr I Cooke, Dr J. Wylie, Dr N Thomas and R Ferraby from the Geographies of Creativity and Knowledge Research Group, University of Exeter

Seafloor:  The stretch of geology under the inshore water between Hive Beach and West Bay, generated using data from the 2008 Bathymetric Survey. (Alice Angus/Proboscis)

Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock
28 July – 9 September
3&4 August at dusk

Storyweir is comprised of four interlinked works.

On Fisherman’s Green is the Storyweir. It incorporates silhouettes of things remembered from stories told and things imagined that are or might one day become the folklore that explains the ancient history of the place.

In the Hive Beach Café a series of hanging sails reflect on human time, and on some of the ways we seek to examine and understand and live with the ancient geology of Hive Beach.

In the National Trust Hut an audio work and visual mapping of undersea geology at Hive and Burton Beaches (from data courtesy of the Channel Coastal Observatory) brings together a sound work of many of the stories told to Proboscis by the geologists, other scientists and local people.

A night time outdoor video and audio event featuring a specially created live musical score by local cellist Matthew Benjamin creating a mesmerising journey through the ephemeral space of flux between the land and sea the continual cycles of sun, tide and seas.
Join Proboscis at dusk on the evenings of 3&4 August. :: more

Installing at Fisherman’s Green
photo by Julie Penfold

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