Camberwell 2012 Torch

Camberwell 2012 Torch by Marcus Leadley

This 9 minute piece was produced for Outside In, an installation I have running at Carter Presents Gallery in Bethnal Green (July 20th – August 11th 2012) as part of Sound Proof 5. Please pop along if you get the chance. There is also an event (5-7pm) on the 11th  August to launch the Sound Proof publication that documents all the works from the five shows of the series.

Camberwell 2012 Torch compresses the 1/2 hour period around the Olympic Torch Relay as it passed thought Camberwell in South London. There’s a lot going on here: the anticipation and excitement of the crowd; curious corporate appropriation of dance party and drive-time radio aesthetics for the purpose of creating a memorable experience; the quintessential, nostalgic Englishness of St. Giles Church Choir – all mixing with community accents, the sound of sirens, traffic, helicopters, in-car audio and eventually – the shuffling feet of the runners. And then it’s back to Camberwell as usual: sirens, traffic, helicopters, in-car audio…

Marcus is a co-director of DIVAcontemporary

About divacontemporary

artist-led creative organisation
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