sound as I see it

the shape distance [map 8] 24x18 inches

DIVAcontemporary associate artist and chair, Marc Yeats, is artist in residence at Marburae Gallery, Maccelsfield, as part of the Barnaby Festival 2013.

Marc Yeats interviewed at the Barnaby Festival, England. Thanks to Shackleford Pianos.

The exhibition comprises over 25 works including the new ‘the shape distance’ series of 8 paintings: and Marc’s work explores the relationship between sound [music] and gestural mark-making that employs methods of painting which investigate chance and random effects. The exhibition is accompanied by an installed, looped, soundwork that Marc has also composed.

Piano Recital Tristan LeeAs well as the installed sounds, there will be a premiere of two of Marc’s compositions [tacit geometry and lullaby] at a piano recital given by Tristan Lee, (picture left) along with other works at 11am, Sun 16 June. After the recital at 12.30 there will be an artist’s talk by Marc, about the evolution of his painting and composition from the late 70s to the present day.
exhibition open
Fri 14 June: 6pm – 9pm
Sat 15 – Sun 30 June:
10am – 5pm daily

About divacontemporary

artist-led creative organisation
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