‘oros’ premiere :: 27th February – Dresden


DIVAcontemporary associate artist and Chair, Marc Yeats is preparing for another European premiere, this time with Auditiv Vokal of Dresden, Germany. The concert takes place at the Deutschen Hygiene-Museum at 7.30 on the 27th February and will be recorded for broadcast by Deutschlandfunk Radio. Marc is a guest of Auditiv Vokal at the premiere of oros for 8 voices [3 sopranos, 2 altos, tenor and 2 basses, circa 15 minutes duration] and will be giving a preconcert talk about this new Auditiv Vokal commission to celbrate “Einstürzende Mauern” [falling walls].

Marc says:
“In writing a piece that relates to the theme of ‘falling walls’ [Einstürzende Mauer], and in this case, the fall of the Berlin Wall in particular, I wanted to create an abstract work that was coloured by issues of freedom and liberation, both individual, social and cultural [avoiding the overtly political] and to deliver this through an experimental [for me] and wildly contrasting, dramatic new vocal work that reflected these issues both within the [non]-narrative text and musical structures. There are many programmatic and cliched pitfalls to avoid here. My aim was to write a completely abstracted work without linear narrative or direct illustrative reference. There would certainly be no ‘message’ in the music or any attempt at proselytising!”

To read an full article about the creation of this work please visit: http://www.objectively-speaking.com/wp2/oros/

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