Marc Yeats :: Sound and Music’s Composer Curator Scheme


DIVAcontemporary associate artist and Chair, Marc Yeats has been selected to be a 2014-15 Composer Curator with Sound and Music’s Composer Curator Scheme. Along with generous support from Arts Council England Lottery Funds and Sound and Music’s Composer Curator Scheme, Marc, in partnership with DIVAcontemporary is presenting Sonic Coast Live Concert Series. The concert series is the creation of a new, vibrant platform to support the performance of exciting and innovative contemporary classical music by brilliant but lesser known UK and international living composers in rural Dorset where audiences have little opportunity to experience new music away from the major cities. Marc will curate five concerts that will present this fantastic music with the very best young contemporary classical specialist performers encouraging new, enthusiastic audiences for contemporary music as well as further maximising national and international impact and reach for the composers and performers through DIVAcontemporary internet radio, podcast and video distribution.

More details regarding concert dates and venues, performing artists, composers and programming opportunities will be announced through our website and social media platforms soon :: more

More information about Sound and Music’s Composer Curator Scheme here: Link


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