DIVAcontemporary :: Sound mapping the South Dorset Ridgeway

SDRLP-project-on-aporeeOn the weekend of 2nd and 3rd August DIVAcontemporary will be running the final South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership project seasonal sound walk covering the Portesham and Abbotsbury area. Follow http://divacontemporary.org.uk for news of the next series of sound walks and sound editing workshops.

These participatory sound walks and sound editing workshops have offered members of the public a unique opportunity to experience the South Dorset Ridgeway in a new and exciting fashion – highlighting the aural over the usual visual focus.

Since the inaugural walk in October 2013 http://ridgewaysounds.wordpress.com/ a vast archive of sound has been built up, capturing the acoustic environment in numerous participant field recordings, to transport listeners through the different seasons along the Ridgeway. The archive incorporates straightforward, unaltered field recordings, as well as others involving participant interventions in the landscape.

Sounds from the project are also being incorporated into two user-mediated GPS triggered Apps located in the Abbotsbury and Portesham Ridgeway areas, to be built and published in the summer of 2015 by our partners SATSYMPH, which will be available for download to walkers and visitors to the area to explore and experience ‘in the field’.

Additionally, the ‘Sounds of the Neolithic’ Ridgeway sounds project, undertaken with young people from Colfox school, generated discussion, photography and field recordings. This culminated in an audio visual installation, a podcast and recorded interviews, based around their sound walk and sound recordings, presented at the DIVAcontemporary Open Studio on Saturday 14th June 2014. Followed by a special presentation to parents, teachers and school governors on the evening of Thursday 26th June.



Outcomes from these projects can be accessed as follows:

aporee maps


radio broadcast


downloadable podcasts


open studio events




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