‘releasing the frozen music #1’ download on DIVAcontemporary bandcamp label

releaseing1release date 11th October 2014

“I call architecture frozen music” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

These works engage with architecture and sound in different ways. They take the exploration of soundscape and place into the realms of musical composition and site specific intervention.

produced by David Rogers
at DIVAcontemporary Studio Bridport Dorset UK

1. Joe StevensParallels and Meridians [2013] 06:45
2. David Rogerstreppenhaus musik [2010] 02:37
3. ivon oatesturbomix [2010] 04:28
4. ivon oatesmatrixmix [2010] 04:56
5. Marc Yeatsresponsoria [2010] 26:10

Download includes a 10 page full colour pdf booklet and from the archive, a 19 page pdf programme from ‘the language of place’ audiolab 2010 with texts from ivon oates and Marc Yeats, two of the artists featured on this compilation and a forward by Marcus Leadley.

High-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.


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