‘this is how a creative person works’

string quartet rigging
“…… rigging of the many ‘parked’ vessels was rattling, banging, tinkling and generally thrashing about in the breeze making the most wonderful sounds – really musical sounds with varied pitches, multi-layered rhythms, whistlings and hums all rather like the composer Ligeti’s mechanisms but without the musical refinement – the sounds were accelerated in speed and pitch according to the wind speed and gust strength. The aural results were quietly symphonic and certainly sparked off [and consolidated] a whole range of ideas that had been in my head about the new string quartet, its structures and sounds”.

Business consultant Charles Lines has been reading associate artist Marc Yeats Composer-in-Residence to the Observatory blogs to identifying some specific aspects of the creative process he employs as a composer and suggests ways in which people (non-musical and musical alike) could develop and use them in their own life and work in his article ‘this is how a creative person works’.


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