Marc Yeats :: Composer-In-Residence

marc yeatsDIVAcontemporary co-director and Chair, Marc Yeats has been recently appointed as Composer-In-Residence to Yeovil District and Dorchester County Hospitals’ RE-FOUND SOUND: music, memory and place.

Re-found Sound is a new live music collaboration between Yeovil District Hospital Charity (YDHC) and Arts in Hospital at Dorset County Hospital (AiH), supported by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra & the Wigmore Hall.

The Composer-In-Residence project runs from December 2015 to July 2016 and will commission an innovative composer to work across the hospitals, researching and exploring the relationship of memory to place resulting in a new piece of contemporary music for broadcast and performance.

Yeovil Hospital has a great arts programme including the provision of music on the wards in an innovative and engaging way, Dorset County Hospital has an important collection of art relating to healing, nature and place and is developing more work with music. It is part of our shared ambition to innovate in enhancing the healing environment for patients, increase participation in the arts and reach new audiences for the arts in unexpected places. 
Re-found Sound is a combination of these areas of joint interest and follows on from YDHC and AiH’s previous work together as part of a consortium of South West acute hospitals, led by Arts and Health South West. This consortium investigated the benefits of the arts on the treatment of cognitive impairment, particularly dementia.

The project is funded by Arts Council England, Dorset County Hospital Charity, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and South Somerset District Council.

logosMarc says: ‘I’m really excited about creating music in response to my research into Dementia – after some initial meetings in December I shall start work in January and see where it takes me.”



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