releasing the frozen music #3 by various artists :: download

cover releasing3

track 1/2/3 : ‘angle’ [09.24/17.15/23.55] by metamedia [ivon oates, Caitlin Copeland, David Rogers and Joe Stevens].

track 4 : ‘FACTORY’ soundtrack – extract [07.14] by Nigel Slight.

track 5 : ‘Domestic Symphony’ [14.35] by Mandy Rathbone

track 6 : ‘patenosta’ [09.28] by Marc Yeats & Marcus Kuerten

Link to download : 6 audio tracks and bonus items – 10 page .pdf booklet and a new video work ‘digilogue’ by Nigel Slight.

produced by David Rogers
at DIVAcontemporary STUDIO Dorset UK

About divacontemporary

artist-led creative organisation
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