observation 1 & 2 :: two new works from Marc Yeats’ The Observatory Residencies

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‘observation 1’ [ovington down] dedicated to Sadie Harrison [composer].

‘observation 2’ [oxey marsh] dedicated to John McLeod [composer].

Live recordings of ‘observation 1’ [ovington down] and ‘observation 2’ [oxey marsh] on the 12th April 2016 at St. Thomas and All Saints Church, Lymington, Hampshire with ‘zero theorem:’ Eugene Lee, Minsi Yang, Stephen Upshaw, Patrick Tapio Johnson

The world premiere performance of Marc Yeats’ two string quartets, observation 1 & 2, composed as part of his response to being Composer-in-Residence to SPUD’s The Observatory Residencies at Winchester Science Park and the South Downs National Park along with the Salt Marshes, Lymington.

Recordings by David Rogers and Mandy Rathbone from DIVAcontemporary.

You can find out more about Marc’s Observatory residencies here: marc-yeats.co.uk/blog/category/co…the-ob­servatory/


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