Forget Me Not

forget-me-notForget Me Not, a poignant new piece of music which sets to music the voices of people with dementia by DIVAcontemporary associate artist and composer Marc Yeats.

The Chapel, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester DT2 1JY
08/12/16 – 10/12/16, 09-30 to 16-00 each day

Thursday the 8th of December at 13-00 – 14-00, come and speak to composer Marc Yeats at the Chapel.

Forget Me Not is a new composition by Somerset composer Marc Yeats. After spending time with patients with cognitive impairment such as dementia on wards at Yeovil and Dorset County Hospitals, Marc has created a choral installation with Choir By the Sea which evokes fragments of conversation, memories of place and a sense of what it is like to live with this condition. Empathic, strident and poignant the resulting work surrounds and immerses the audience in a cumulative cycle of patients voices. Forget Me Not is the result of a collaboration between Arts in Hospital based at Dorset County Hospital and the Dementia Care Team at Yeovil District Hospital who commission artists and musicians in the hope that the outcomes convey something of the experience of dementia and also shows how music helps people with cognitive impairment to live better lives. The project was supported by Arts Council England, Dorset County Hospital Charity, Yeovil Hospital Charity and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.


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