The Forest of Plasticity :: Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival [Fringe]

Curated by associate artist Adrian Newton :: more
Saturday 28th October 2017 (11am – 4pm)
Bournemouth Beach
(near to the pier)

Welcome to the Forest of Plasticity, a place of transformation and mutability. Where sound is plastic and plastic is sound. Sound art and experimental music by local and international artistes, exploring sonic responses to plastic pollution. Featuring kinetic sculptures of ocean detritus sourced from Dorset beaches. Headphone concert and live performance.

Kate Moran, recording the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Canada, speaks on radio 4 of the detrimental effects by humans of sound on whales.

ivon oates and David Rogers (above) play a mix of ‘plastic sounds’ as a response to recordings of whales and dolphins, using the very same materials that pollute the oceans, to highlight the impending catastrophic imbalance to the environment.

‘…. we are on the way to have the same weight of plastics in the global oceans, in 2050, as the weight of fish …’
Erik Solheim
Executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme

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