DIVAcontemporary STUDIO podcasts from the South Winterbourne Journey project

Contributions from Howard Bowering, Margaret Hearing, John Story and John Story Junior, reading the wartime reminiscences of Martinstown residents Ron Howard, Dolly and Harry Bowering. Bell Ringers: Robert Walters, Timothy F. Collins, Mike Pitman, D. John Knight, Howard J. Bowering and Robin J. Mears.

Recorded and edited by David Rogers.

In conversation with Mandy Rathbone
Recorded and edited by David Rogers
additional audio by Mandy Rathbone and ivon oates.

Contributions from Jim Godding, Lee House, Rachel Bailey, Grant Neven and members of the MCC Juniors.

Recorded and edited by Mandy Rathbone
additional audio by David Rogers.

DIVAcontemporary STUDIO
for the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership Project
Land Bone & Stone.

supported by Dorset AONB and the Heritage Lottery Fund

About divacontemporary

artist-led creative organisation
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