associate artists

Jenny Barrett :: wordsmith. Dorset.

Annemarie Borg :: composer, lecturer, environmentalist. London.

Eva Fahle-Clouts :: multi-disciplinary artist. Dorset.

Gabrielle Fry :: video production manager for JPL Media, sound artist. Australia.

Ralph Hoyte :: performance/poet. Bristol.

Marcus Leadley :: sound artist. London.

Charlotte Loving (co-director) :: video maker. Dorset.

Alex McKechnie :: experimental music. Dorset.

ivon oates :: multi-disciplinary approach incorporates new media with fine arts and architectural/landscape design. Dorset.

Phill Phelps :: music, coding. Bristol.

James Price :: filmmaker. Dorset.

Mandy Rathbone (co-director) :: sound artist. Dorset

David Rogers (co-director – Chair) :: Creative practice includes installation, combining 3D construction, performance and screen based work, single screen, projections, multiple screen works and audio, ranging from soundscapes to audio composition. Dorset.

Nigel Slight :: transmedia artist. Dorset. Link to ‘in conversation’

Marc Yeats (co-director) :: composer and visual artist. Somerset.


Mark Hewitt (co-director) :: composer, musician, educationalist. Somerset.

Victoria Pirie (co-director) :: Management Consultant, arts and heritage with a strong focus on enabling people and organisations to creatively engage with place, time and memory. Current interests include digital engagement, resilient organisations and sustainable impact. Bournemouth.

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