Antara Project


Antara Project – Annemarie Borg: under the patronage of Satish Kumar, (editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazines).

Mission statement 
Antara means from the heart. The Antara Project relies on communication.

The role of the artist has always been to express what is naturally meaningful even if this is at times uncomfortable or unpopular. Art, Music, Creativity speak a language that transcends prejudices and taboos, nourishes the soul, questions, appeals to the imagination, to the spirit and the heart, it is a language that motivates and provokes.

And it is not just what the artist’s creative work triggers off or can reflect but also what it can bring.

I founded this project because of my strong conviction that creativity, artistic expression and exploring our talents gives us strength and increased self esteem.

We connect or reconnect with ourselves and the world around us. We become more able to face the challenges of our times.

creativity – self esteem –  inner strength –  focus – courage – commitment – empowers us to tackle change.

And it is in all of us to change, to be stationary is not an option.

In that ideal stillness and peace we seek, lies an inevitable motion.

Annemarie Borg

Phase 1 of the project
Compilation CD of various artists
Breaking Through
Antara AMB 001
Release date 20 February 2013
Launch events in Oxford and London will be announced on Twitter, Facebook and

Advance ordering of the album from contact page
On after the 20 February
Payment PayPal for the UK post included
Price: £10
Orders world wide (post. Excluded)

or US from CD baby

Canada, France, Spain to be announced on Antara website

Contributors to the compilation:

Nicolas Meier
Gilad Atzmon, Asaf Sirkis, Tom Mason
Marc Yeats
Patrick Tapio Johnson
Bruno Sanfilippo
Julien Boulier
Robert Lignier
Eric Lemieux
Julie Carmen Lefebvre
Aes Dana
Franz Liszt
Maria Pikoula
Annemarie Borg

Audio mastering Vincent Villuis of Ultimae Studio France

Others Artists and writers
Genie Poretzky-Lee
Natacha Ledwidge
Marc Yeats
Satish Kumar
Ann Schmitz
Christophe Havot
Garbhán Myles
Philip Wells (thefirepoet)
Keith Farnish
Derrick Jensen
Martin Powell

Phase 2 of the project:
8 June 2013 at the Lumen Centre in Bloomsbury London
Our world, our challenge
Antara presents a day of music, images and words

Program will include 3 Music performances from Contemporary to Electronic via Jazz.

Two Film Screenings dealing with ecological issues and remarkable youth initiatives.

Talks and discussions of our times with specialists researchers and activists.

Art exhibition thought out the day.

An organic cafeteria with local products, a court yard to think, talk and relax.

More details to come, visit Antara’s website, it will be updated daily.

Annemarie Borg

Phase 3: Antara Project abroad

Series of lectures and performances, to set up a format of awareness via Art in various countries in Europe and South America…


(Resurgence & Ecologist is a British bi-monthly magazine covering environmental issues, engaged activism, philosophy, arts and ethical living. It is edited by former Jain monk and internationally renowned author Satish Kumar. It combines the former Resurgence, edited by Kumar, with The Ecologist, which in recent years had been published online only.[1]

Resurgence & Ecologist is published by the Resurgence Trust, an educational charity registered in England and Wales[2] and based at Ford House, Hartland, Bideford, Devon).

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