coast to coast :: feedback

Listerner4Whitstable Biennale Satellite 2014
Wireless headphone installation 
Saturday 31st June 11am – 4pm

Feedback from listeners:

[it has] ‘an other worldly quality’

‘….. lovely – dreamlike’

‘really enjoyed the manipulated sounds – particularly imminent at every window – and the impressive tonal range of the Jurassic Coast pieces’

Relating to Time and Tide: ‘A strange disconnection between listened to soundscape and actual ambient sounds – a simultaneous, yet out of time and disconnected – scrunch, scrunch of feet walking on shingle and the sounds of passers-by, wind, sea and sky’.


Relating to all pieces: ‘Sounds of shingle and seaside coming directly into your ears from the soundscape, plus, just slightly less immediately, the sounds of the same external reality, created a kind of aural – and almost physical’ – Verfremdungseffekt – a dislocation – a loss of certainty…


Children – over the course of the day – took headphones with their parents, danced and skipped, swapped headphones, danced some more, swapped back etc, until – eventually, and reluctantly – they were persuaded to return the headphones.


Listener suggestions: If multiple works play consecutively on one continuous recording, beneficial for listeners would be to extend the gap between individual pieces, with potential for a voice over – title and artist – for each.


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