RIDGEWAYsounds :: autumn walks 2013 [open studio8]

‘populus alba’ by David Rogers



DIVAcontemporary associate artists Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers led two participatory sound walks around Abbotsbury and Portesham in Dorset. The four tracks, downloadable from spreaker, are mixed from the collected sounds gathered by the participants, either as ‘field recording’ or ‘interventions’ in the landscape.

track1[soundscape]:: Abbotsbury Autumn Walk 2013

credits: Charlotte Loving, Jill and Francesca Hearing, Marshall Stapleton, Ann Lambert, Matthew Aung.

tracks2,3,4[interventions]:: Portesham Autumn Walk 2013

credits: Victoria Pirie, Jill Hearing, Ann Lambert, Marshall Stapleton, Eva Fahle-Clouts, Richard White.

mixed by David Rogers – photos by Mandy Rathbone


‘clearing’ by David Rogers

:: more

South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership, Dorset AONB, HLF funded project supported by WDDC

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