Women in Music Proposal (CLOSED)

Soprano draft brief.

PLEASE NOTE: this project is currently in development and awaiting confirmation of funding.

For further information please contact marc@divacontemporary.org

Led by composer Marc Yeats and working with an experimental vocal performer, residency composers and sound-artists will participate in an intensive, research and experimentation led residential course based in Bridport, Dorset.

Work created through the residency will result in a live performance with any combination of soprano alone, or soprano and multi-tracked / treated voice recordings / field recordings.

Working alongside Marc Yeats, The Soprano’s role within the residency will involve:

  • Demonstrating the potential of the human voice for sound production 
  • Recording the soprano’s voice
  • Actively participating in and demonstrating the making of content to be vocalised (words, phonons),
  • Commenting on the devising of suitable notations to perform developing ideas
  • Working with composers and technical staff to develop and rehearse live performance scenarios
  • Live concert performances

The soprano will:

  • be available in June 2013 (provisional) for workshops and rehearsals throughout the 6-day residency (schedule and free-time to be organised). There will be 5 days of workshops with the last day being set aside for performance.
  • Work creatively and flexibly with the composers and sound-artists to help develop ideas and demonstrate techniques and notational / performance practicalities
  • Work closely with Marc Yeats, composer, who will be leading the sessions
  • Provide vocal recordings as necessary for composers to create their work
  • Accept all recorded materials become the property of DIVAcontemporary and the sound-artists / composers taking part in the residency, to be distributed as appropriate by DIVAcontemporary and the artists / composers.
  • There will be no other distribution fees or royalties due beyond the residency fee for any materials or recordings produced.
  • Explore possibilities for a further live performance in 2013, which will be funded by separate contract.

It is also necessary that the soprano has excellent relative pitch or perfect pitch and is willing to engage with experimental vocal techniques.

Soprano fee for 5-day residential workshop and 1 live performance £900

There is also £100 available towards travel expenses

This fee includes accommodation for the residency period.

The fee does not include food and drink

A contract will be provided

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