The Aged Medium Pacer


Following on from our interview with Jim Godding (Martinstown Cricket Club – The other MCC) we returned to record a selection of Jim’s cricket poems. ‘The Aged Medium Pacer’ is by Jim about his return to the game of cricket after a break and a number of years……..

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Forget Me Not

forget-me-notForget Me Not, a poignant new piece of music which sets to music the voices of people with dementia by DIVAcontemporary associate artist and composer Marc Yeats.

The Chapel, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester DT2 1JY
08/12/16 – 10/12/16, 09-30 to 16-00 each day

Thursday the 8th of December at 13-00 – 14-00, come and speak to composer Marc Yeats at the Chapel.

Forget Me Not is a new composition by Somerset composer Marc Yeats. After spending time with patients with cognitive impairment such as dementia on wards at Yeovil and Dorset County Hospitals, Marc has created a choral installation with Choir By the Sea which evokes fragments of conversation, memories of place and a sense of what it is like to live with this condition. Empathic, strident and poignant the resulting work surrounds and immerses the audience in a cumulative cycle of patients voices. Forget Me Not is the result of a collaboration between Arts in Hospital based at Dorset County Hospital and the Dementia Care Team at Yeovil District Hospital who commission artists and musicians in the hope that the outcomes convey something of the experience of dementia and also shows how music helps people with cognitive impairment to live better lives. The project was supported by Arts Council England, Dorset County Hospital Charity, Yeovil Hospital Charity and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.


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Audio/Video workshop with young creatives

backpeekholetest2November – December: audio/video workshops with a local home school group run by associate artist David Rogers. :: more

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St Martin’s Church :: Remembrance Sunday [Half Muffled Quarter Peal]


Full peal available to download from DIVAcontemporary STUDIO bandcamp :: link

SDRLBSgreyPrior to the Remembrance Sunday Service at St Martin’s Church, Howard Bowering and his team of bellringers were ringing the traditional half muffled quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles.

Half muffling is used for solemn occasions. The clappers of the bells are half covered in a leather “sock”. This means that every other round of the bells has a quality which is distant and dreamlike, a soft echo of its former self.

The day was bright and still – the natural sounds of leaves ruffling and falling gently, crows calling across the churchyard … :: more


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Interview with Howard Bowering :: Captain of the Bellringers


Friday 28th October
The Church of St Martin is at the heart of Martinstown and it has the only set of ringable bells in the South Winterbourne Valley.

Love it or hate SDRLBSgreyit, the sound of church bells drifting on the breeze through the countryside seems quintessentially English. And we had heard that there was a poignant story behind this particular set of bells. We had arranged to meet Martinstown Tower Captain, Howard Bowering, to find out more and visit the bells of Martinstown church. :: more


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Harvest Supper :: Martinstown Village Hall Saturday 8th October

SDRLBSgrey“Im and Im” (Allan Knott and Steve Kinnersley). We had met Allan previously in his role as Lay Preacher at the Winterbourne Steepleton church service, but today he was in very different guise.

Allan and Steve entertained the hall with a mixture of traditional Dorset folk songs and timeless classics which most of us were old enough to remember from our youth, plus some comic banter and stories and lots of audience participation. We particularly loved Allan’s rendition of “the Dorset National Anthem”Farmer’s Boy. :: more


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In conversation with Jake Dew, Conservation Officer for Dorset Wildlife Trust


SDRLBSgreyOn Thursday 6th October associate artists Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers met Jake Dew, Conservation Officer for Dorset Wildlife Trust, for a walk and talk along the South Winterbourne in Martinstown. Jake explained just how special Winterbourne streams or rivers are and spoke in great detail about all the wildlife that thrive in the river environment – many types of fish, voles, kingfishers and the rare Winterbourne mayfly and blackfly whose numbers are on the increase. :: more

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Whitstable Biennale [satellite] 2016 :: CD downloads available now


coast to coast :: sounding shore
at the Whitstable Biennale [satellite] 2016
Link to download Performance on the beach [1]
Link to download Performance on the beach [2]

recorded live
saturday 4th June 11am – 5pm
on the beach at KeamsYard,Whitstable.

[silent] sound-art event on the beach as part of the satellite programme led by Marcus Leadley, Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers.

recorded by David Rogers
engineered by Marcus Leadley

a satellite regular since 2010 (coast to coast :: sounding shore) Marcus Leadley once again collaborated with David rogers and Mandy Rathbone, installing his headphone listening system on the beach in front of Keems Yard.

While the coastal themes of previous years were retained, this year saw a focus on ‘live performance’ rather than recorded sound. creating a programme of live ‘silent’ sound-art where the practitioners had been asked to respond to the local environment in diverse, entertaining and thought provoking ways.

expect underwater sounds, home made instruments, the music of broken things, hidden sounds, elemental interactions and grand gestures… :: more

supported by goldsmiths logo

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In conversation with Dr Alan Chedzoy, local William Barnes’ expert and biographer


SDRLBSgreyThis time David and I were off to Weymouth to meet renowned local William Barnes’ expert and biographer, Dr Alan Chedzoy.

We spoke about Barnes as Rector of Winterbourne Came and Whitchurch; a role he continued to fulfill until the end of his life, tramping all over his parish on foot, regularly visiting all his parishioners. And at length about his poetry, particularly discussing the contrast between his dialect poetry and those poems written in “English”. :: more

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Winterbourne Steepleton Church Band


FollowSDRLBSgreying Revered Jean’s glowing reports of the Church Band, we decided to attend and record the service at Winterbourne Steepleton.

Musicians: Margaret (“the Boss”) on keyboard, Wendy on violin, Gill on flute, Alison on recorder and Jon on trumpet. :: more

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