The South Winterbourne Journey

Following a year of research trips, familiarising themselves with the Winterbourne valley as it passes from Winterbourne Abbas through Winterbourne Steepleton, Martinstown (Winterbourne St Martin), Winterbourne Monkton, Winterbourne Herringstone, Winterbourne Farringdon and Winterbourne Came, DIVAcontemporary have finally started work on their audio project – The South Winterbourne Journey.

Martinstown Map

With the successful completion of the Sounds of the Neolithic project with local schools, the South Winterbourne Journey, which is also part of the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership Project, will aim to create an audio picture of life in the Winterbourne Valley, drawing upon the expertise and experience of those who live and/or work there.

Interviews and field recordings will be combined to create this work.  Some of these sounds will be used by project partners Satsymph, who will create apps which will be geo located in Martinstown and Winterbourne Came. DIVAcontemporary will also create themed radio broadcasts portraying the many different aspects of life along the Winterbourne.

The core story to be explored in the interviews asks:

  • Why is the Winterbourne here?
  • How have the communities along the river used the Winterbourne in the past and today?
  • How does the Winterbourne affect peoples’ lives and how do we care for it?

The project outputs will be:

  • sound content for Land Bone Stone App 4 to be located in Martinstown and Winterbourne Came and published in spring 2017;
  • broadcast 4 South Winterbourne podcasts online, community radio, hospital radio and make available in residential settings;
  • Creative writing workshop led by Ralph Hoyte to create and perform work around the themes of the lost village, William Barnes and Dorset dialect. Work to be included in the app, podcasts and published on Bandcamp;
  • Churches Conservation Trust – Winterbourne Came tour and walk – tbc;
  • Winterbourne Farringdon –Lost Village – tbc;
  • Presentation at the AONB Annual Forum 5 October 2016 in Martinstown linked to marking 130 years since William Barnes died 7 October 1886.
  • Podcast launch and South Winterbourne Journey event in Martinstown Village Hall, Saturday 28th January. Programme to be announced – including live readings, film, audio, tea and cakes.

Project outcomes:

  • Martinstown Cricket Club. The other MCC (as they are known). :: more
  • Interviews with the Reverend Jean Saddington, vicar not only of Martinstown but Winterbourne Steepleton, Winterbourne Abbas and Compton Valence. Margaret and Terry Hearing. Both are historians who have lived in the village for 50 years and Margaret has written The Book of Martinstown covering all aspects of life in the village going back many years. :: more
  • Dr Alan Chedzoy talking about William Barnes and his poetry. :: more
  • In conversation with Jake Dew, Conservation Officer for Dorset Wildlife Trust. :: more
  • Winterbourne Came creative writing group. :: more
  • Winterbourne Steepleton Church Band. :: more
  • Martinstown Harvest Supper. :: more
  • Interview with Howard Bowering Captain of the Bellringers Martinstown. :: more
  • St. Martin’s Church Bells – Remembrance Sunday 2016 :: more
  • Jim Godding (MCC) cricket poems :: more
  • South Winterbourne Journey event at Martinstown Village Hall :: more