Sonic Coast

Following on from the success of the Sonic Coast Live series of concerts the studio is planning a ‘new music and experimental sound festival’ in Spring 2016. As a taster to the festval a number of ‘supporting’ events during 2015 and early 2016 are planned.

sonic coast sound weekThe first being ‘sonic coast :: sound week’ in July, sound and listening walks, audio editing workshops, a talk, podcasts and live broadcasts :: more _________________________________________________________

In February 20SClogo214, DIVAcontemporary associate artist and Chair, Marc Yeats was selected to be a 2014-15 Composer Curator with Sound and Music’s Composer Curator Scheme. Along with generous support from Arts Council England Lottery Funds, Sound and Music’s Composer Curator Scheme and WDDC, Marc, in partnership with DIVAcontemporary presented the Sonic Coast Live Concert Series. 

The concert series is the creation of a new, vibrant platform to support the performance of exciting and innovative contemporary classical music by brilliant but lesser known UK and international living composers in rural Dorset where audiences have little opportunity to experience new music away from the major cities.

DIVAcontemporary is developing a strong national and international reputation for its work with field recording, sound creation and music production. Excitingly, this concert series built on our previous curatorial and live event successes but crucially developed our work with live contemporary classical music for the first time.

Saturday 26th July :: Hooke Park – Architectural Association, Beaminster.

Saturday 30th August :: The Hub, Lyme Regis.

Saturday 25th October :: The Drill Hall, Portland.

Saturday 22nd November :: The Bay Theatre, Weymouth College

Saturday 17th January 2015 :: Beaminster School.


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