Sonic Coast [1] at Hooke Park – live concert recordings

Sonic Coast 1

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Podcast link : archived – please contact the studio

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Sonic Coast [1]

The Big Shed at Hooke Park

An appreciation

I enjoyed the need to concentrate and attempted to match the absolute concentration of the two gifted artists who performed a programme of challenging contemporary music with brio and utter conviction, in a space different in every way, other than scale, from the traditional concert venue.

DIVAcontemporary’s production and technical team headed up by Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers were successful in turning a vast machine shop with problematic acoustics, more suitable to a Test Department event, into a sound space which complemented the musical poetics of the evening and augmented those provisional aspects of some contemporary musical genres.

Apart from Luciano Berio (1925 -2003) and Frederick Rzewski (1938) the progamme consisted of compositions by young international composers and included no less than three world premieres.

Of the many defining moments during the evening, one I shall cherish came at the interval, when Marc Yeats drew attention to the serendipitous sound interventions as the building contracted in the cool of the evening. As she left her position the percussionist Calie Hough was heard to say -”The building is speaking to us”, which for me was a very apt observation for both musicians and architects alike. It was disappointing that so few of the Hooke students in residence were not present to hear how their contemporaries from another discipline dealt with space, rhythm and sound.

Nigel Slight (cross discipline artist) 27th July 2014

I enjoyed listening in and was glad of the explanation for the curious accompanying sounds of the building.

Ruth Ballard (internet radio listener) 28th July 2014


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