Sonic Coast :: sound week programme

‘open your ears and listen’ patrick mcginley :: framework radio

18 Sat. 10am-5pm
World Listening Day [H2O] Sound Walk (1.5 miles)
10am-1pm – Starting at the studio – Walk Bridport – West Bay
1pm-1.45pm – Lunch – West Bay
1.50pm – 2pm – X53 Bus back to Bridport
2pm-5pm audio editing workshop (introduction) and post your best sound on aporee maps – Studio

further details about World Listening Day 2015

west-bay-winter20 Mon. 10am-5pm
‘material sounds :: water’ Walk
10am-1.30pm – Starting from the studio, driving to Eype – sound experiments on Eype Beach
2pm-5pm – sound recording/playback experiments with water – Studio

Feb2015sunrise21 Tues. – 04.15am-7.30am
Sunrise Sound Walk (3 miles)
Join associate artist Mandy Rathbone on her MYSUNRISEPROJECT – Kingston Russell Stone Circle

carol421 Tues. – 11am-6pm
Audio Editing Workshop
another opportunity to edit and mix your recordings from the 3 previous days walks in the Studio

22 Wed. (available 6pm)
World Listening Day Podcast – DIVAcontemporary Radio

23 Thurs. (available 6pm)
‘material sounds :: water’ Podcast – DIVAcontemporary Radio

circle124 Fri. 10am-5pm
MP3 Listening Walk :: The Grey Mare and Her Colts and Kingston Russell Stone Circle (3.5 miles) Start at carpark (for details contact the studio) – Walk and listen to two contemporary stories about these historic sites.

sound125 Sat. 7pm-9pm
ivon oates and Marc Yeats :: in conversation
ivon oates and Marc Yeats will launch a group discussion on the boundaries, overlaps and thresholds of transformation between sound / ‘noise’ / music, inviting a space between theoretical definitions and the creative process. Talk and Q&A. – Live Broadcast on DIVAcontemporary Radio

Further information:

World Listening Day Walk led by Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers.
Recording equipment supplied by DIVAcontemporary Studio.
The route from the studio in Bridport to West Bay gives you the widest range of potentially exciting recording opportunities. Then during the afternoon editing workshop select your best sound and upload it to aporee maps, a worldwide sound survey. Further information about WLD and aporee maps:
10 places – £21 each

material sounds :: water – audio experiments led by ivon oates and David Rogers.
Recording and playback equipment supplied by DIVAcontemporary Studio.
This is an experimental sound day – finding, extracting and recording ‘water’ sounds.
10 places – £21 each

Sunrise Sound Walk led by Mandy Rathbone.
Recording equipment supplied by DIVAcontemporary Studio.
On 21st June 2014, to mark the Summer Solstice, I decided to witness and document the sunrise at Kingston Russell Stone Circle near Abbotsbury in Dorset. A friend and I met at about 4 a.m. just as the first glimmers of light were appearing in the sky.
Since then Mandy has been at Kingston Russell Stone Circle, at sunrise, recording and documenting the dawn every month on or around 21st.
6 places – £10 each

MP3 Listening Walk :: The Grey Mare and Her Colts and Kingston Russell Stone Circle led by Victoria Pirie, Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers.
Listening equipment supplied by DIVAcontemporary Studio.
Walk in the past and listen to two ‘new’ writings by Bristol poet Ralph Hoyte, with sonic soundscapes recorded by Colfox School and Weymouth College students. The Grey Mare and Her Colts (a Neolithic chambered long barrow) is a re-imagining of the myth of Rhiannon. Kingston Russell Stone Circle (a large irregular circle of Late Neolithic or Bronze age date, consisting of eighteen fallen conglomerate or sarsen stones) is a contemporary work, both created by Ralph especially for the sites.
10 places – £21 each
MP3 Listen Walk content commissioned as part of the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership Project, supported by HLF, Dorset AONB and WDDC.

Audio Editing Workshop led by David Rogers.
Editing equipment supplied by DIVAcontemporary Studio
Spend a day in the studio editing sounds from the walks, mixing tracks for inclusion into internet radio podcasts. Exploring sound art and acoustic ecology networks and looking at recorded and live broadcasting on the internet.
10 places – £21 each

Talk and Q&A:
ivon oates and Marc Yeats :: in conversation
Conversation themes/agenda:
ivon – I wish to open a space between definitions of ‘music’/soundwork, art-object (found object, ‘rubbish’+ intent)
Marc – experimental ‘sound’ making is inspiring as a composer: exploring the degree of investigation, intent, organizing material and finding ways to make the object ‘speak’.

The discussion will consider:

  • Relationship between music/’noise’/sound
  • Field recording (as ‘composed’), treated sounds, composition.
  • ‘musical instruments’, sounding sculpture.

Thresholds of transformation: composition as the nodal confluence between axes from instrument, extended technique enlarging palette to ‘music’; and found sounds, sounding materials to artwork (sculpture, installation).

Talk and Q&A. – Live Broadcast on DIVAcontemporary Radio.
Audio from the sound walks and the water sound experiments will be played in the studio before and after the talk.
30 places – £5 each

Walks – £21 (includes hire of recording and listening equipment)
Sunrise Walk – £10 (includes hire of recording equipment)
Workshop – £21 (includes hire of editing and listening/playback equipment)
Talk – £5
All (4 Walks – Workshop – Talk) £80

PLEASE book in advance – limited places

Further details and booking:

DIVAcontemporary Studio
No.1 King Square
Dorset DT6 3QE
Tel: 01308 459071

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